Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This post is Dedicated to my good friend Ros who has helped me make this Blog in the first place.

Hi Ros, yes I am finally doing my first post on this blog. Yeah!
Saturday was Worldwide Card Making Day, so being part of Scrap-Pile Design Team, we had a great time setting and completing card making challenges.
I must admit, I am not usually a big card maker, because I am more into creating layouts to preserve memories and to fulfill my creative need.
But I just loved making some cards on the weekend. I will definatly be making more in the future.
Will upload some pictures to show you the cards I have done on the weekend.
Hope you like them.


ros said...

woo hoo!!!! finally!! and how long has it been now? cards are looking gorgeous. am so tired and off to bed but tomorrow night i will link this one on mine. well done simonne, u'll be a pro in no time

Melissa said...

Yippee Simonne, Now I can come and visit.You made some absolutely gorgeous cards over WCMD weekend.I am a bit like you and don't make many cards, as I like to scrap LO's more.Your Blog looks fantastic.Thanks Ros, for giving Simonne a hand.If it is OK, I will put your link on my blog too.

Jewls said...

Welcome to the world of blogging Simonne. Your blog looks great.
I'm glad you enjoyed making some cards & they are all stunning!!!

Leah said...

Wahooo!!! Great to see you online Simonne! Love your blog. Ros did a great job! Love those cards too! Nice work!

Merriyank said...

Blog looks great Simonne and those cards are gorgeous! Welcome to blogworld!!!!