Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wiff of Joy - Take two

My last post (which I have now deleted) was definitely not one of my best!
It was done late and night, and I was so tired, I could hardly keep my eyes open, but I wanted to post my card before the challenge deadline. Reading it when fully awake, made me realise how awful my sentences were and that the picture was shocking as well. So here is my second try at posting this card.

I make this card for the WOJ challenge for the week that had the colour scheme of orange and teal. These are two colours that I really love at the moment, so it was a delight to make this one.
Because of the beautiful colour scheme, I decided to colour my image in grey tone. I also created it as a Tri-fold card. This is the first time for me both with colouring in grey tones and the Tri-fold card.
I also used frosted lace stickles on the wings.

Hope you like it.

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